Science Communication

I enjoy chatting about my research and the importance of wildlife science with a variety of folks. While I enjoy science outreach and science communication, I also believe in the importance of making science accessible. Public surveys, such as the one cited in this New York Times article show that only ~4% people can name a living scientist. I would like to do my part to help change that and to make the cool and crucial work that wildlife biology and conservation does more accessible to the public.

I participated in the Sunset Zoo Science Communication Fellowship, which enabled me to give a talk to the general public as part of Science on Tap (Link) as well as scientific outreach with an activity designed to talk to families visiting the zoo. Read a review of my Science on Tap Talk here: about my Behind The Scientists profile here:

My Sunset Zoo activity, which allows visitors to learn about lesser prairie-chickens and figure out where leks, male display areas, are likely to form. 

I have expanded upon the training from my Sunset Zoo Fellowship with a graduate level seminar on Science Communication and I am always seeking new ways to talk about my research and wildlife biology.